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Hunting for Perspective on Life in the Stand

I’ve been sitting in my stand for several hours now awaiting an axis, a turkey, or a hog. Praying that God would send me just one more if not all three on this hunt. However, as I sit here waiting, I can’t help think of how blessed I am. I’ve actually already killed all three […]

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June Axis Deer Hunting

Every year in June (the height of the rut), my husband and I plan an Axis deer hunt. It just so happens that my husband received a call from a rancher that was requesting that some axis on his property be thinned out. Perfect timing! Saturday, June 9 at 6 am we arrive at the […]

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2018 TOWA Fall Stampede Barbecue & Wild-Game Cook Off

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  • June 16, 2018
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A blog post from Texas Outdoor Writers Association’s President: We’re in full gear, getting ready for the 2018 TOWA Fall Stampede Barbecue & Wild-Game Cook Off, Rodeo, Shooting Competition, Ride & Drive, and Live Music! Last year’s event created so much excitement that everyone is jumping aboard.  The first thing we did was coordinate the event […]

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