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Peggy’s Corner

Forty-nine years ago I shot a wooden arrow through a Ben Pearson recurve bow.  The rest is history; I was hooked on bowhunting. In those early years, folks/friends got together and went bowhunting wherever we could find a place.   One of my favorite memories is hunting in the Aransas Wildlife Area where, 7 years after […]

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Carpe Diem: Seizing the Day on Texas Carp

I often marvel at some of the advancements made in the outdoor industry over the years and bowfishing is no exception. Just about everything has improved in the bowfishing realm from the types of boats we use to the bows and other hardware we use to shoot fish. Bowfishers have been targeting carp for many […]

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Bowhunting for Hogs – Part 1

Some hunters like to hunt pigs…. not me.. I’m a HOG hunter!  Just the word “hog” brings to mind visions of a grunting, snorting, slobbering mouthed boar with giant tusks protruding from his gnarled lip!  I can envision his coarse mud caked coat with the hair on his back bristled and standing straight up as […]

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