The Lone Star Bowhunters Association (LSBA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1974. It is the only State Organization representing your bowhunting rights.

The sole purpose of the LSBA is to unite the State’s bow hunters to work toward a common goal of preserving, promoting and advancing the sport of bowhunting in Texas.

Some of the LSBA’s goals are:

  • Conservation of Wildlife and its Habitat
  • Maintaining a close working relationship with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
  • Supporting local, state, and national wildlife, bowhunting/bowfishing, hunting, and archery organizations
  • Introducing Texas youth to archery by funding various National Archery in Schools programs (NASP) and through our Mobile Youth Archery Range Program
  • Promoting and supporting the International Bowhunter Education Program

Help support bowhunting in Texas, Join the LSBA.


After the most recent magazine came out, I was contacted by the owners of Brushy Hill Ranch, Pete and Ava Denney, in reference to the article, “The General”.  In that article, Brian talks about driving the Polaris General on their ranch.  They asked that I clarify to the members reading that article, that they have a policy of NO 4-WHEELERS on their ranch.  They made an exception in this case, but they want prospective clients to know that 4-wheelers are not allowed on the ranch.  Pete and Ava have been long time members and supporters of the LSBA and I apologize to them for any confusion this may have caused and hope this will prevent any future conflicts regarding this matter.