The Lone Star Bowhunters Association (LSBA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1974. It is the only State Organization representing your bowhunting rights.

The sole purpose of the LSBA is to unite the State’s bow hunters to work toward a common goal of preserving, promoting and advancing the sport of bowhunting in Texas.

Some of the LSBA’s goals are:

  • Conservation of Wildlife and its Habitat
  • Maintaining a close working relationship with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
  • Supporting local, state, and national wildlife, bowhunting/bowfishing, hunting, and archery organizations
  • Introducing Texas youth to archery by funding various National Archery in Schools programs (NASP) and through our Mobile Youth Archery Range Program
  • Promoting and supporting the International Bowhunter Education Program

Help support bowhunting in Texas, Join the LSBA.

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    I have a new 33,000 acre free range ranch in Midland County that is ARCHERY ONLY! The property has not been leased or outfitted in many many years. So there are some very mature bucks on this ranch! There are whitetail (mostly), some mule deer, javelina, hogs and predators. Note: I do not have trail cam pics of mule deer, yet. But I have seen them on the property. No lodging or camping, motels close by in Midland. Semi guided (a guide will take you to your blinds, help with tracking, clean your kills, etc).
    3 day, 2 night hunt (weekend or weekday hunt, your choice). 2 hunter minimum. $1,750 each, total. INCLUDED: 1 mature buck (whitetail OR mule deer. NO TROPHY FEES), 1 whitetail doe, 1 javelina, unlimited hogs, predators and guides help.

    Add discounted days! (price depends on # of hunters)

    Group discounts available! Vet discounts available!

    You'll be hunting from popups at feeders. Here's some pics from just a few spots on the ranch that I hand-corned...

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    Now offering DISCOUNTED trophy buck hunts and meat hunts!!!

    I have a few select dates that I'm discounting our trophy buck hunts down to $1,500 TOTAL. INCLUDED in the price is nice lodging, semi guided, 1 trophy buck (hunters choice!), 1 doe, no-limit hogs and predators.

    We have very nice lodging and 27 blinds w/feeders on over 3,000 FREE RANGE acres! And at GormanRanches you NEVER PAY KILL OR TROPHY FEES! No matter what your buck scores, it's included in the price!

    Bow hunters welcome!

    Message, text or call me ANYtime!

    Matt 817-903-0350



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    Bowtech Guardian
    30" draw 70 lbs

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