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Donations to LSBA go to a wide variety of different initiatives of this organization. Here are some examples of organizations  that LSBA has supported over the last few years.


Brawner Intermediate SchoolGranbury, TXNASP Archery Equipment$2907
Wimberly High SchoolWimberly, TXNASP Targets & Tune Bow$1335
Outdoor / Expo Shows (TTHA)$151


Greater Houston Christian Outdoor FellowshipHouston,TXBibles for TTHA Show$175
Liberty County 4-H Archery ProgramTX Youth Hunting Challenge Banner $250
Bownanza Name Tags for Event$122
Patlan Elementary SchoolSeguin, TXNASP Archery Equipment$2300
Outdoor / Expo Shows (TTHA)$735


New Tech Odessa High SchoolOdessa, TXNASP Archery Equipment$2000
Greater Houston Christian Outdoor FellowshipHouston,TXBibles for TTHA Show$600
Bastrop County BowhuntersRed Rock, TXBow Donation for Raffle

Pope & Young$100
TAPS Quarterly Luncheon$250
BownanzaName Tags for Event$80
Texan TUFHRContribution for Prop 6 $1000
Texas Constitution Amendment for Hunting and Fishing Rights
Outdoor / Expo Shows (TTHA)$1028


Donate to Youth Archery in Texas

(used to support NASP in Texas Schools and other Youth Archery Programs)

Donate to LSBA Bowhunters Defense Fund

Donate to LSBA General Fund

(used to support general operations of the organization)

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    $75 - Ingram, TX

    100lb 6-volt, photo-cell timer(works great). will need battery. Can hang or use legs.[hidden information]

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    $425 - Ingram, TX

    $425 obo 200lb (35gal) tri-pod made with heavy pipe with crank up wench, timer, battery, solar charger, 12 volt.
    [hidden information]

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    We now have over 30,000 FREE RANGE acres in Midland County that is ARCHERY ONLY! This property has not been leased or outfitted in over a decade, at least. So, there are some very mature bucks on this ranch!

    There are whitetail (mostly), some mule deer, javelina, hogs and predators. (Note: I do not have trail cam pics of mule deer, yet, but I have seen them on the property.) No lodging or camping, motels close by in Midland. Semi guided (a guide will take you to your blinds, help with tracking, clean your kills, etc).

    3 day/2 night hunt (weekend or weekday hunt, your choice). 2 hunter minimum. $1,750 each, total. INCLUDED: 1 MATURE buck (whitetail OR mule deer. NO TROPHY FEES), 1 whitetail doe, 1 javelina, unlimited hogs, predators and guides help.

    Add discounted days!

    Vet discounts available!

    You'll be hunting from popups at feeders. 18-23 yard shots.

    PLEASE message me for dates, info, etc.

    Here's some pics from just a few spots on the ranch that I hand-corned...

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