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LSBA Koozies

LSBA Camo Koozie

$1.00 Each

(Limited Supply)

LSBA Hunter Green Koozie

$3.00 Each

LSBA Bue Koozie

$3.00 Each

Estimated Shipping: $1 per Koozie

LSBA Decals

Small Color Decal – $3.00

 Small White Decal – $1.00

 Estimated Shipping: $0.75 per Decal

LSBA Patches

LSBA Patch – $10.00

 Estimated Shipping: $1.00 per Patch

LSBA License Plates

LSBA Vanity Plate – $12.00

 Estimated Shipping: $6.65 Priority Mail


Black/Silver Mesh Cap – $15.00

Faux Leather/Camo Cap – $20.00

Faux Leather/ Olive Drab Cap – $20.00


 Estimated Shipping: $6.65 Per Hat

LSBA Shirts

2017 LSBA T-Shirt

Youth   S/M = $10

S/M/L/XL      =  $15

XXL & XXXL =  $20

 Estimated Shipping: $6.65 per shirt

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    $75 - Ingram, TX

    100lb 6-volt, photo-cell timer(works great). will need battery. Can hang or use legs.[hidden information]

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    $425 - Ingram, TX

    $425 obo 200lb (35gal) tri-pod made with heavy pipe with crank up wench, timer, battery, solar charger, 12 volt.
    [hidden information]

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    We now have over 30,000 FREE RANGE acres in Midland County that is ARCHERY ONLY! This property has not been leased or outfitted in over a decade, at least. So, there are some very mature bucks on this ranch!

    There are whitetail (mostly), some mule deer, javelina, hogs and predators. (Note: I do not have trail cam pics of mule deer, yet, but I have seen them on the property.) No lodging or camping, motels close by in Midland. Semi guided (a guide will take you to your blinds, help with tracking, clean your kills, etc).

    3 day/2 night hunt (weekend or weekday hunt, your choice). 2 hunter minimum. $1,750 each, total. INCLUDED: 1 MATURE buck (whitetail OR mule deer. NO TROPHY FEES), 1 whitetail doe, 1 javelina, unlimited hogs, predators and guides help.

    Add discounted days!

    Vet discounts available!

    You'll be hunting from popups at feeders. 18-23 yard shots.

    PLEASE message me for dates, info, etc.

    Here's some pics from just a few spots on the ranch that I hand-corned...

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