Lone Star Bowhunters Association

Preserving and Promoting the Sport of Bowhunting Since 1974


What has the LSBA done for you?

1975  Creation of the archery stamp was supported by the LSBA to help increase revenues for TP&W

1977  The LSBA was successful in allowing the presence of a shotgun in archery camps; this would allow the archer to also hunt squirrels and game birds when the seasons overlap

1980  The LSBA was in Austin to change the archery season to run from the first Sunday in October for 30 consecutive days, thus give the bowhunter five weekends to hunt

1983  The LSBA was one of only a few statewide organizations to have the foresight to support the passage of the Texas Wildlife Conservation Act

1986  The LSBA responded to a TP&W request and provided valued information and assistance to modernize our archery regulations

1989  The LSBA established a scholarship fund for a college freshman majoring in wildlife conservation or biology

1990  The LSBA succeeded in having names and addresses removed from the arrows of bowhuntersand initiated the Bowhunters Feed the Hungry program which provided hot meals for the homeless

1991  The LSBA was instrumental in defeating House Bill 1609, which would have restricted bowhunting on smaller tracts of land.  The LSBA also co-hosted the 1st Annual Charity Shoot with Salt Grass Archery Club, which netted $17,000 for Make-A-Wish Foundation

1994  The LSBA donated over $5,000 to WLFA to reverse an out of court settlement which the Department of Interior made with animal rights groups which affects hunting on Wildlife Refuges.

2001  The LSBA successfully led a defense to keep our Special Archery Only Season in tact.  The LSBA had representatives at every TPWD public hearing and an official with them noted that there were more comments opposing this proposal than any other he remembered.  Also, the first Ed Foreman essay contest and youth hunt were held. In addition, LSBA has officially associated itself with the Texas Youth Hunting Program to promote bowhunting aspect of this program.

2003  The LSBA successfully fought to remove language from HB 1989, which would have abolished the Archery Stamp.  While there was no clear wording threat, the repeal of the stamp could have paved the way to the eventual removal of the Special Archery Only Season

2005  The LSBA made donations to the USSA Bowhunter Rights Coalition Fund and Texas A&M Ladies Archery Team, after the University announced it was removing funding for this program which has produced the National Champions from 1996 through 2004

2006  The LSBA  introduced over 3,000 children to archery with our Youth Archery Range.  It is provided free of charge and allows children and adults alike the opportunity to shoot a bow at 3-D targets. The LSBA worked with youth groups throughout the state of Texas, such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Greater Houston Christian Outdoor Fellowship, TPWD and Cross Timber Outfitters.

2007  The LSBA donated ten Genesis youth bows to the Seguin Outdoor Learning Center to help build their youth archery program.  Over 5,000 children were introduced to archery through our Youth Archery Range, which was set up at numerous events throughout Texas.  We worked with Bass Pro Shops in Katy and Pearland, Greater Houston Christian Outdoor Fellowship, Cross Timber Outfitters, Ducks Unlimited Greenwings, Wild Boar USA, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, TPWD, Colorado County WMA, Police Games, Hunters Needs, Texas Trophy Hunters Association, Henson Ford, and Buck Fever.

2008  The LSBA  introduced over 7,500 children to archery through our Youth Archery Range at many of the same events as in 2007. The LSBA honored the two fallen Game Wardens that died during the line of duty at our Banquet in 2008.  A $250.00 donation was made to Operation Game Thief.

2009  The LSBA introduced more than 5,000 children into archery and helped to extend the Youth Rifle Season to help these children. We went through many avenues and helped to keep Grayson County an Archery-Only county.  The LSBA made donations to help out some organizations in need such; Texas Outdoor Partnership and Texas Police Athletic Federation.

2010  The LSBA donated money again to help the A&M Archery Team with their rip to Nationals. As well as donated to Texas Police Athletic Federation, US Sportsmen’s Alliance Bowhunter Rights Coalition Club and Burleson ISD NASP Program.

2011  The LSBA joined forces with Texas Bowfishing Assocation and the Traditional Bowhunters of Texas to for the Texas Bowhunting & Bowfishing Coalition in an effect to better serve the bowhunters and bowfishers of Texas.  We made a donation to The Rose to help raise awareness of breast cancer.  Also, we helped with a couple 3-D shots around Texas.

2012-2016  The LSBA introduced another 20,000 plus children to archery at multiple events.

We worked with Texas bowfishing Association on the Alligator Gar Petition and worked with National forests & Grasslands in Texas on issues affecting hunting/ bowhunting.

The LSBA has been assisting in trying to get the ban on bowhunting for 10 or less acres repealed in Comal County.

We have monitored and notified bowhunters of TPWD MLD status changes that will have an effect on bowhunting.

The LSBA worked with the Sam Houston Trail Coalition, TPWD, and Sam Houston National Forest for a solution to sharing the trails and parks when camping was allowed during hunting season.

We donated to and promoted Proposition 6, which passed and made hunting and fishing a legal right in Texas.

The LSBA worked with Texas Outdoor Partnership to promote conservation, hunting, and fishing in Texas.

We worked with the Texas Bowfishing Association to prevent the outlawing of bowfishing at night in Oklahoma.

The LSBA has donated $4,300 to various Texas schools in support of the National Archery in Schools Program, and we plan to continue supporting this program into the future.