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2018 LSBA Banquet

Contact Person: Norman (Clark) Peterson| clarkpeterson@hotmail.com | 979-758-1547

Location  KC Hall 3845 I-10, Columbus, TX 78934

Date: June 23, 2018

Google Map to the Location

Tickets: $25.00 each or $40.00 for per couple

Doors will open at 3pm.

Door Prizes

Live and Silent Auctions

Meal will consist of Wild Game/Fish along with some brisket and chicken.

2018 LSBA Banquet – Adult – Presale: $25.00

2018 LSBA Banquet – Couple – Presale: $40.00

2018 LSBA Banquet – Youth (12 to 17)- Presale: $20.00

2018 LSBA Banquet – Senior (60+)- Presale: 20.00

State Championship Wild Game Cook-Off
June 23, 2018 Columbus Hall 3845 I-10 Columbus, Tx 78934
Wild Game Cook-Off Guidelines and Team sign up forms
Deadline to enter: June 8, 2018
Please send completed forms to clarkpeterson@hotmail.com or
Clark Peterson 979-758-1547
PO Box 285
Altair Tx 77412
Lone Star Bow Hunters Association
Wild Game Cook-Off



Hopefully, the following information will answer most of your questions….
1) A cooking team may consist of a group of individuals, a couple, or a single individual. A team may represent a corporation (bank, hunting camp, etc.), restaurant, or simply be a local cook. LSBA is a tax-exempt 501(c) (3) organization. As such, we cannot endorse candidates for political office or participate in/endorse electioneering of any kind. Teams may have up to 4 members and all 4 members will receive a one year ($25 each) complimentary LSBA membership. You must fill out a cook team form to compete and to get your complimentary LSBA membership. Each team is encouraged to help sell 5 tickets to the event.
2) LSBA Wild Game Cook-Offs are a celebration of the game animals, game birds, and game fish that can be harvested and utilized for food. Therefore, “Wild Game” is defined as fish, fowl, or game that can be found in the wild of North America. We are also celebrating the people who harvest and/or utilize Wild Game for food. Teams are strongly encouraged to utilize fish, fowl or game that they have harvested themselves or have been harvested by other hunters and anglers. However, use of fish, fowl, or game species that are also commercially available does not result in disqualification.
3) There will be awards/trophies awarded for first, second, and third place in three categories: fish, fowl, and game. There will also be an award for “Best Overall”.
Entry fees: 40.00 for entry into each category or 100.00 to enter all three. This will include 1 year membership to the LSBA (25.00 each) and free entry to the Banquet (25.00 each) for 4 member cook team that’s a 200.00 value.
4) Teams may enter up to one (1) dish in each regular category) If a team’s highest scoring dish wins one of the three categories, it will be in the running for “Best Overall”.
5) The Award for “Best Overall” will go to the cook team with the highest scoring individual dish. Dishes will be judged on taste and originality with taste weighted more heavily. Originality includes imagination, uniqueness, and difficulty of the dish. (The “Best Overall” winner earns the right to compete for the title “State Champion” at LSBA annual awards banquet at the conclusion of the season.) (we are just beginning this cook-off tradition and it will be held this year at the banquet in Columbus,Tx so this is the state championship!) Your team could be the first State Champion of the LSBA Wildgame Cook-Off!
6) To be eligible for Cook Team Awards the teams are asked to provide to the public a few “Bite Sized” samples of any dish submitted to the judges. Also we are asking that each dish prepared be enough to feed 10-15 people as this will be used as our banquet meal along with other dishes created by other non-participants. Depending on number of cook teams and number of attendees this number could go down. We will not ask you to prepare more than this.)
7) A “Best Presentation Award” will go to the cook team with the best decorations and presentation for their cook team area that best reflects the atmosphere of a “Wild Game” Cook-Off. This award will be judged on effort, creativity, and originality. A runner-up award will also be given. Scoring for this category is separate from and has no impact on the
judging of fish, fowl, or game dishes submitted to the food judges. All teams are considered for the “Best Presentation Award” regardless of how their dishes score or place in the three categories.
8) Judging may take place prior to the event opening to the public at a time determined by the local committee. Due to the number of cook teams and entries, the time that a particular cook team’s entry is picked up will vary. LSBA will make every effort to communicate with the teams as to when their dish will be picked up. (4 to 5 pm)
Access is available to the Cook-Off site on the day of the event for any participants who wish to set up for roasting, smoking, etc. Some participants may prefer to cook their entries at other locations and simply warm or reheat the dishes at the Cook-Off site.

LSBA will provide the following:
1. Styrofoam sample cups and containers
2. LSBA membership pacs will be provided for up to four participants.
Cook-Off teams are responsible for bringing the following items to the site if necessary for their special wild game entry:
1. Grill, smoker, or other cooking device. (There are several large Bar-B-Que pits on location this year.)
2. Warmer such as a large pot or chafing dish with heat source.
3. Charcoal/propane or other fuel & matches. Power is not available at cook-offs. Try to be as self-sufficient as
possible. If you have access to a small generator please bring it.
4. Serving utensils. Plates and cups etc….
5. Chairs and tables if needed.


1. To demonstrate that responsible hunters and anglers properly utilize the game that they harvest
and that game makes excellent and healthy table fare.
2. To provide an opportunity for LSBA Members to interact and to introduce/attract New Members
to LSBA.
3. To generate funds to support the youth hunts and archery shoots that are conducted throughout
the year free to the youth of our state. The funds also support the conservation mission of the
4. Accomplish the above goals in a fun, festive, friendly competitive manner and recognize as many
cook teams as possible for their time, efforts, and expense – without which, the LSBA Wild Game
Cook-Offs would not be possible.
The Lone Star Bow Hunters Association thanks you for your participation and support of the Wild Game Cook-Offs. The continued support of the cook teams vital to the success of LSBA and our ability to help promote our hunting and angling heritage. If you have additional questions, please call Clark Peterson at 979-758-1547.

About the Speaker at the 2018 LSBA Banquet

Herman W. Brune is a native Texan who lives near Columbus, Texas. He grew up on the
family property along the Colorado River in the community known as Shaw’s Bend. He began
trapping during his grade-school years and continued selling fur hides until graduating high
school. His first rifle was his grandfather’s Marlin .22 and his first deer rifle was a ’73, 44-40

The main driving force in Brune’s life was the desire to learn. He wanted to understand
the social engines that push our lives, and makes our country function. Whether discussing
music, government, history, ranching, literature, cultural problems, tracks in the trail, or any
topic that affects you – Brune sought the insight and knowledge to understand. This led him to
reading and ultimately to writing.

Nevertheless, the indoor writing desk could not contain Brune’s love for the outdoors.
As a teen he competed in rodeos and pointed his nose north. By 1978 he was in northern
Montana and turned 21 in a cabin on Elk Creek. The next decade found him commuting
between Texas and Montana and by ’90 he was a guide and mule packer in the Bob Marshal
Wilderness. To date, he has guided in the Bob Marshal, Absaroka Beartooth, Cloud Peak, and
Washakie Wilderness areas, as well as, the Lewis and Clark and Gallatin National Forests, South
Texas, and Mexico. Throughout his fun he’s always found cows that needed working, broncs
that needed riding, and never lost his love for seeing what was over the next hill.

At the ripe age of 40 Brune entered Texas A&M University and studied journalism. His
first article was about the outfitters in the Bob Marshal Wilderness and sold to Western
Horseman. Since then he’s freelanced for the Paint Horse Journal, Big Game Adventures, Sports
Afield, Persimmon Hill, The Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine, and Clay Nation. He’s also had
columns in the Colorado County Citizen, the Gonzales Cannon, and the Texas Fish and Game
magazine. He has authored two books Tales from the Lost Rider of Yaupon Creek and Christmas
Tales from the Lost Rider, and he hosts The News from the Camp House on KULM 98.3 FM out
of Columbus.

Brune is now a grandpa. His grandson is going to inherit that .44-40 Winchester that
belonged to his great-great grandfather. Brune sees it as his job to insure that the boy also
inherits the same outdoor legacy and the Texas traditions that he enjoyed as a youth growing
up in Shaw’s Bend, and, Brune intends to leverage every inch of being the Texas Outdoor
Writers Association president to make sure the outdoor message reaches mainstream Texans.