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Hunting for Perspective on Life in the Stand

I’ve been sitting in my stand for several hours now awaiting an axis, a turkey, or a hog. Praying that God would send me just one more if not all three on this hunt.

However, as I sit here waiting, I can’t help think of how blessed I am. I’ve actually already killed all three of these animals with my crossbow on previous hunts. So, why do I pray that he send me just one more animal? Could it be that I need another trophy on the wall? Or, the freezer is running low on meat? Or perhaps, I’m being a little selfish?

All the meat from my previous hunts have been cleaned, processed, stored, and shared with friends. Some of the stories on how the meat got to the table are humorous. But what I love the most about my hunting stories are the windows of quiet time I spend with God in my stand.

Sometimes life seems like it flies by and we find ourselves forgetting to spend quiet time with God. I am guilty of this. I am a wife, a mother, and I work. So by bedtime, it may slip my mind to say a prayer or just read my bible. So as I sit here in my stand praying that he sends me just one more animal, I realize what I really need to do, and that is to focus on my quality time with Him.

I have been so selfish. So I begin to talk with him. I tell him how thankful I am to be here on this hunt. And thankful for richly blessing me. I even told Him that if I don’t see or kill another animal, I will use the “stand quiet time” to honor Him. If you find yourselves a little busy and forget to spend time with Christ, I encourage you to slow down and focus on what’s really important; the relationship you share with Him. He loves hearing from you!

Story by Jessica Dixon

  • Published On : 6 years ago on June 16, 2018
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